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Fast and Secure Web Hosting For Your Business Website


Your Website, fast, secure and always Online

Ensuring your website is hosted with a fast secure host is paramount to having a succesful website that your visitors enjoy.

Nobody wants to sit waiting 30 seconds for web pages to load in todays fast paced world, our Linux based website hosting guarentees lightning fast loading speeds, reliability and security for your sites.

With servers hosted in a top datacentre in the UK, in dedicated, secure racks you can be assured your website is in safe hands and will always be available for visitors at all times


You might be thinking: why do i need  host for my website, why cant I host it myself?
Technically, you could, but unless your an experienced webmaster its more headache than its worth. Hosting with a provider will take care of the following potential issues


Web Hosting with Fulgent IT Services

Since most businesses don’t have dedicated webservers of their own, they rent out server space from a third-party web hosting company.

Our servers run 24/7, so your site can always be accessed without interruption in service.

We are responsible for things like server maintenance, security, and running the right software, so the files on the server can be readily accessed by a website browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox

Fast Loading Times

Cutting Edge cloud technology guarentess super fast page loading speeds keeping visitors and Google ranking happy

UK Data Centre

Secure UK based datacentre provides multiple carrier internet links meaning your website is always online and available

Solid Reliabiltiy

Load balanced servers means if anything happens to one server your website will automatically switch to another

Unlimited Bandwidth

You dont have to worry about costs for exceeding limits no matter how big your site, or how many visitors it gets

Backup and Recovery

Your site files and database are backed up daily so in event of disaster we will have your site back online promptly

SSL and Security

All sites we host we provide an SSL certificate as part of the fee, helping to keep your sites visitors safe

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