Tech as a Service (TaaS)

Flexible and Affordable way to keep your equipment up to date


Why Pay For Outdated Technology

Fulgent’s Tech as a Service offering allows your business a flexible and affordable way to ensure your IT infrastructure is kept up to date by allowing you to spread the cost of equipment over an agreed duration with one single monthly payment.

At the end of the agreement we will work with you to dicuss the next steps, which usually means replacing all the tech with new, current equipment and entering into another agreement.

Our TaaS solution helps your business to move away from large capital investments to a simple monthly ongoing cost, ensuring your equipment can keep up with your business demands and increase staff productivity

Tech as a Service is suitable for most businesses looking to purchase hardware. Start-up and early stage businesses will find the reduced capital costs useful, whilst established businesses like the flexibility and convenience in replacing ageing equipment

Fulgent IT Services


In partnering with Fulgent, you will benefit from TaaS services, featuring;


Get access to the latest technology now

TaaS provides flexibility and scalability. As your business grows and changes so do your technology needs. With TasS you can add new infrastructure as you grow. Knowing exactly what the ongoing cost of the equipment will be.

Each TaaS solution is bespoke with the length of the agreement based on the useful life of equipment, desktops and laptops generally 3 year cycle, servers generally over a 5 year cycle.

Fulgent will have you covered from initial consulation right through the end of term and subsequent refresh by following these simple steps

Step 1


We work with you to determine the required equipment, identify end of life equipment or tech thats no longer fit for purpose

Step 2


Once we have a picture of your needs we will find the best possible price for that equipment, using major brands such as HP and Lenovo

Step 3


We will send a full detailed proposal over to you, detailing all equipment specs and monthly costs over the agreed term

Step 4


Once accepted we will order the goods and install them with minimal disruption to your business, working out of hours is necessary

Step 5

End of Term

When you near the end of the agreement we will meet to discuss your options. Once identified we go back to step 1 and repeat the process

As Your Business Grows, So Does Your Technology Needs

Give us a call today to discuss how to evolve your IT


Significant Benefits Over Out Right Purchase

Reduced Cost

Savings over outright purchase, spread your payment over the term and claim your VAT back

Manage Cash Flow

Control your spend with a single monthly payment, reduce CAPEX and keep your cash for when you need it

Better Equipment

Keep your IT productive with the latest technology. Improve employee experience and productivity, at a lower cost

Employee Costs

Allows you to factor in what an employees IT will cost each month along with salary, NI, pensions to give you a complete figure


At the end of the agreement return the equipment for new, extend current equipment or purchase it


As your business grows, you can add new technology easily to your agreement so your IT infrastructure grows with you

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