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Wired or Wireless, your network is what holds your business together


IT Network Installation Services

Fulgent IT Services offer a comprehensive range of IT network installation services, irrespective of the size and unique requirements of your business.

With an experienced team of engineers, we provide installations of new networks, or extensions of existing networks, as well as configuring a wide range of network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls and wireless networking from a range of trusted vendors.

Our team on engineers can also supply and provide ongoing support for exisiting network installations, and will help your business find the perfect network installation solution, whatever your requirements may be


Fulgent have a wealth of experience in providing bespoke network installs for a wide range of structured cabling and network equipment, including;


Dont let your network slow your staff down

A slow network is frustrating and lowers productivity so our network audit service is designed to ensure that your business’ network is running exactly as it should in order to meet the requirements of your business.

From removing obsolete applications that are using up valuable space, or freeing up bottlenecks in your system, our skilled engineers carry out effective and high-quality network audits to ensure your business is running as efficiently as it can.

Step 1


We arrange a meeting with you to determine the problems you are facing, seeing demonstrations where possible. We will audit the type of network equipment you have

Step 2


We create a detailed plan of what we believe the problem area(s) to be after our initial consulation and how we are going to remedy your slow network. At this stage we will advise if additional or replacement hardware will be required

Step 3

Perform Remedial Work

Our engineers will proceed to complete the works outlined in order to solve your slow network. We will install and configure any new hardware, if required. A full network speed test is then completed

Step 4

Follow Up

We will follow up with you and talk to end users to see if the network speed issues have improved, any tweaks or changes are implemented at this point

We Provide Total Network Support For Your Network


Need Remote Access? We Have You Covered

Businesses are not limited to single sites and so neither are networks. We can connect branches, field offices, and remote workers so they are part of a unified company network.

No matter where you are located, if you have an internet connection we can get you connected to your office allowing you to work as if you were sat at your desk

scalable and powerful network and network equipment installations that bring real benefits to your business


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